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Training vs playing

Playing is fun. Training to play the game with skill and confidence is powerful. Spend more time training than playing if you want to be really good!

the player vs the person

You will be a "player" for only a short time in your life. You will be a "person" for the rest of your life. Make sure you are developing great "person" skills that will help you forever! Don't just focus on the "player" skills...

Skills like being on time, giving your best effort, treating everyone with respect, being coachable and adaptable, lifting up those around you, dealing positively with disappointment, overcoming barriers, and having contagious enthusiasm!

Be a volleyball player

At RVVC we endeavor to train players and not positions. We want our players to be skilled in all the techniques and fundamentals of the game. Later on we will let some HS coach figure out where our players can best help the program they are in. By training all players in all skills, we know that the RVVC players will be more versatile and able to fill more needs on their HS teams.

rvvc goals at all tournaments (and practices)

1. Have a great, joyful time playing this awesome sport!

2. Be an outstanding, positive teammate impacting others for good!

3. Better the ball, by making skilled and calm fundamental volleyball plays!

Remember #EIC 

Enthusiasm is Contagious...

Spread it Around


Rogue Valley Volleyball Club

Rogue Valley Volleyball Club serves 4th -12th grade volleyball athletes in the Rogue Valley.  The mission of this club is to develop the North Medford Volleyball program and volleyball in the Rogue Valley.

RVVC and Youth Volleyball

Our 3 goals for your athlete at RVVC...and what it looks like

1. Have fun playing this great game...enthusiasm, joy, happy to be in the gym, thankful for the opportunity, smiling

2. Learn how to be an outstanding teammate...encouraging, celebrating with others, we before me, positivity, lots of high tens

3. Become more fundamentally skillful...passing, serving, assertive on the court, talking, attacking, doing what the coach asks, creating great habits

RVVC FAQ Answered

We will have local teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U, and HS levels

The season will run January 2 and end by Spring Break

The cost for the season is $390 but does not include jersey cost

We have a family discount for multiple members

All players must have a current AAU membership

Teams practice two nights per week at North High or Hedrick MS

Teams will play in 5 local tournaments

The coaching and guidance your athlete will receive are top notch