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RVVC Tournament Dates

12U - 3/9 St Mary's, 3/17 RVVC

14U - 3/10 RVVC, 3/16 GP (2 teams only TBA)

HS - 3/16 RVVC 

RVVC Clinics

Infinite player Clinics

Our Infinite Player Clinic program started on January 7th.

  • Walk in HS players will go downstairs from 11 am to 1 pm , the cost is $20 payable at the door. RVVC HS players do not pay for these.
  • Elementary and Middle School players will go upstairs from 11:30 am to 1 pm and the cost is $15...Currently enrolled RVVC MS and Elementary players are invited at a discounted $5 fee.

All players MUST be currently registered with AAU. 

Regarding the clinics...

Clinics are not a requirement for 12u and 14u players registered with RVVC. The clinics are an option for athletes to have additional court time and we encourage you to join us on Sundays!

13/14 u teams new teams coming wednesday

Congratulations again on a fine season to this point. As a club program we have really enjoyed watching you players grow in the areas of being a fun positive teammate as you encourage others with energy and enthusiasm. We also love seeing you get better in the technical skills of this great game.

As we prepare to shuffle the teams for the final time this season, we want you to know that where-ever you end up, now is not permanent and is only another stop on your volleyball and life journey! 

We had a player at North Medford HS who played on the JV teams at Hedrick her 7th and 8th grade seasons. She played on the freshman team and then the JV’s, eventually becoming a starter on the varsity as a junior and senior. She then played 2 years of junior college and 2 years of university volleyball…how did she do that? She loved the game, kept working hard, did not compare herself to others, and remained confident in herself!

This is our goal for you…


Who knows where your journey will lead you? 


13/14 u teams

14 MM - C Jones, N Valencia, K Coble, R Atha, Z Funk, H Plankenhorn, E Jussiaume, A Malanche, A Taylor, M Wright

14 AR - J Bundy, M Seis, K Bair, L McLeam, M Neville, J Baglietto, M Byers, C DeVaughn, J Ibarra, M Pryor

13 TL - V Jackson, J Rogers, J Horne, H DeBoer, E Hyden, E Dobson, P MNamer, P Snyder, K Banks, A Norris

13 FA - T Robbins, R Wyant, A Warren, H Grant, M Lopez, S Morse, R Staab, W Bookenoogen, A Paulin, L Hudson, A Castillo, N Edwards

13/14u practices wed and thurs

Because basketball season is wrapping up and their practices are shorter, we can get in the gym at 7:30 and be done by 9!




RVVc hosted tournaments

Players and parents...when RVVC hosts a tournament (we have 6 this club season, 2 at each level) the expectation is that ALL RVVC players stay until the very end and help clean up. The coaches come in the night before a tournament and set up. They also stay until the end and help clean up.  This is part of our culture and how we do things so everyone shares in the work that needs to happen..."many hands make light work."

If an emergency arises or there is a circumstance that prevents this from happening for a player, you will need to clear it with your coach prior to the event, ideally. 

rvvc goals at all tournaments (and practices)

1. Have a great, joyful time playing this awesome sport!

2. Be an outstanding, positive teammate impacting others for good!

3. Better the ball, by making skilled and calm fundamental volleyball plays!

Remember #EIC 

Enthusiasm is Contagious...

Spread it Around


12U Team rosters

RVVC 12 TA >> Abigail Downey - Addilee Pershin - Renae Woodard -Andrea Saleh - Savannah Rice - Meeya Mendelson -Melah Meeker - McKiah Reina -  Amani Whittington - DeVaunni Moffett - Erica Polataivao

RVVC 12 SM >> Kinlee Pershin - Acacia Crowell - Jaycie Baker - Izabella Kadin - Mackenzie Patrick - Chloe Saber - Kalea Johnson -Katelyn Miller - Gabriella Wyant - Olivia Ripsom 

RVVC 12 HK >> Raegan Scheid - Lydia Schmidt - Audrina Chergosky - Ryleigh Sandoval - Bailey Pickens -Caylen Neville - Ella Payant -Harper Pickrel - Kamryn Lashley -Londyn Valencia -Stella Summers - Paisley Haney 




Interested in purchasing gear to support RVVC from the sidelines?

See all the products available at the online store!


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Rogue Valley Volleyball Club

Rogue Valley Volleyball Club serves 4th -12th grade volleyball athletes in the Rogue Valley.  The mission of this club is to develop the North Medford Volleyball program and volleyball in the Rogue Valley.

RVVC and Youth Volleyball

Our 3 goals for your athlete at RVVC...and what it looks like

1. Have fun playing this great game...enthusiasm, joy, happy to be in the gym, thankful for the opportunity, smiling

2. Learn how to be an outstanding teammate...encouraging, celebrating with others, we before me, positivity, lots of high tens

3. Become more fundamentally skillful...passing, serving, assertive on the court, talking, attacking, doing what the coach asks, creating great habits

RVVC FAQ Answered

We will have local teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U, and HS levels

The season will run January 2 and end by Spring Break

The cost for the season is $390 but does not include jersey cost

We have a family discount for multiple members

All players must have a current AAU membership

Teams practice two nights per week at North High or Hedrick MS

Teams will play in 5 local tournaments

The coaching and guidance your athlete will receive are top notch