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Attitude of Gratitude!!!

Along the way there will be struggles, battles, obstacles, adversity. It’s all part of the process.

Rather than complaining, whining or giving up, choose to be grateful for the journey.

It’s forming you into who you were meant to be.

Gratitude is an advantage. Own your mindset.


Club Volleyball starts up again in November

For those players and parents interested in RVVC next club season we will be starting up again in November. Please keep an eye on this site as details will be updated as we get closer to the winter club season. 

Rogue Valley Volleyball Club

Rogue Valley Volleyball Club serves 3rd-12th grade volleyball athletes in the Rogue Valley.  The mission of this club is to develop the North Medford Volleyball program and volleyball in the Rogue Valley.

RVVC and Youth Volleyball

Our goals for your athlete at RVVC...and what it looks like

1. Have fun playing this great game...enthusiasm, joy, happy to be in the gym, thankful for the opportunity, smiling

2. Learn how to be an outstanding teammate...encouraging, celebrating with others, we before me, positivity, lots of high tens

3. Become more fundamentally skillful...passing, serving, assertive on the court, talking, doing what the coach asks, creating great habits