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Tryouts Coming in November - 28 Years Running

RVVC will be running club season again this winter for the 28th season in a row. We look forward to sharing our passion for volleyball and our commitment to helping your daughter grow as an athlete and person.  We will again have great coaches working with your athletes...many are current and ex SOU players and coaches. 

Keep an eye on this site for more try-out info coming soon.

We will have 12U, 14U and HS level local teams only this season.  If your athlete is looking for a travel experience, we suggest you look into another club.

We will also be offering our Infinite Player Clinics weekly. No matter which team or club you play for we encourage you to join us for these opportunities to advance your volleyball skills and  Infinite mind-set.





Good Luck this School Season

RVVC wishes all players good luck and God bless your efforts as you try out this school year. Work hard, hustle always, and be a great enthusiastic teammate! 







#EnthusiasmIsContagious  #EIC

Rogue Valley Volleyball Club

Rogue Valley Volleyball Club serves 3rd-12th grade volleyball athletes in the Rogue Valley.  The mission of this club is to develop the North Medford Volleyball program and volleyball in the Rogue Valley.

RogueValleyVBC Rogue Valley Volleyball Club RogueValleyVBC
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